August 25, 2020 – ZOOM Meeting – 19 Facts About the 19th Amendment

President Tiffany Strother managing ZOOM meeting.
Members enjoying Betsy Ruffin’s presentation.

September 22, 2020 Meeting – Voting Procedures & How to Vote Safely

Lauren Milam from the Johnson County Elections Office and Judy McAnally from Texas Health presented a program on voting procedures and how to vote safely. Leanne Ivey presented a campaign update from Congressman Roger Williams. Click here for the Facebook site at Johnson County (TX) Republican Women to view the livestreamed meeting.

Leanne Ivey, Elizabeth Victory, DeeAnn Strother
Christi Bradley, Judge Sydney Hewlett, Justin Hewlett
Susan Shaw, Mary Percifield
Lauren Milam, Johnson County Elections Office
Judy McAnally, Texas Health
September 2020 luncheon meeting
Constable Mike White, Leslie Woolley, Commissioner Larry Woolley
Anne Deem & Teresa Percifield